Nowadays, mega yachts need ever more complicated hydraulic systems in order to sail. The increase in the size of ships means that hydraulic systems must have compensated designs according to the functions for which they were created. These systems must be updated, improved, and revised to ensure their proper functioning. To this end, you need delicate, thorough and experienced workmanship capable of offering the best quality.

At ALEXPALMA we can resolve problems with hydraulics and install systems on sailboats (with the technical and human support from CARIBONI, one of the most important hydraulics companies in the world and whose factory is located in Milan) as well as on motorboats, including PTO systems, winches, all types and sizes of pistons, installation of power packs, and rollout. We can handle the replacement of hydraulic lines of all sizes and operating pressures.

The "CARIBONI" seal guarantees very high standards of quality in accordance with the name and history of the company.